Anduin Wrynn Inspired Unisex Cuirass Style Chest Pattern

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This is a Cuirass style pattern for creating a foam chest piece. It can be used for any gender and highly adaptable! 

The pattern includes a set of instructions to tell you what cuts to make and where to glue things together but it is suggested to have a general knowledge of how to work with foam. I would consider this pattern beginner friendly. 

Pattern includes:

Breast plate front and back. 

Preset to size: Small with instructions on scaling up.

Sorry for the sloppy mock up pictures I just wanted to give you guys an idea of what it looks like but it was my test pattern piece so that bad boy is a bit messy :P Also I did not cut the darts in the sleeve strap in the reference so make sure you do or it will look like that haha!

This is my affiliate link to the foam I use if you are looking to snag some of your own!