Read Me! I'm Important!

Hi dolls and dudes!

I've been ordering molds and other cosplay items from these distributors for years now and after being asked constantly where I get these things I decided to try to find a way to be a vendor of them myself.

It was a primary goal of mine to focus my store around finding great deals I could pass on to my fellow cosplayers because as we all know, cosplay budgets tend to get away from you easily.

I have personally curated these items and have over 300 new items(all owned and tested by me) that I will be adding over time. I am also adding tons of items from distributors I can rely on and have a good reputation with me. If you have an idea for a product you wish you could find cheaper online let me know in the product request form and I will reach out and see if I can find the goods at a bargain price.

Here's the important info. 

These items are shipped from a 3rd party distributor as that is the only way for me to get these deals so shipping times are a bit wonky for now. As the store grows I expect the shipping to get better but I want to be fully transparent with you guys so there are no false promises of overnight shipping for a project crunch. ORDER THESE THINGS WITH SOME TIME TO SPARE! :) The slow shipping is a key component to the more affordable pricing so it's a double edged sword that I THINK will be worth it for you guys. The packaging also is lack luster for now but do you really want to pay for all that frilly packaging anyway? I'm guessing you'd much prefer another mold or set of beads you could use on your project instead of puffy paper you're just gonna throw away. If you're shaking your head yes right now good because I am too as I'm typing this lol. 

As always customer service is a big deal to me and if you are not happy with anything or have questions ask away. I want to be your craft supply buddy so feedback is always appreciated. Let me know anything I can do to help improve this store experience :)

With all my deepest appreciation and love for the cool community you make me feel so welcome in,

Jackie Craft