Available To Canada

This is still experimental for me as I am trying to make sure that I can get RELIABLE(not fast because we don't do fast shipping over here yet lol)shipping to a few countries that I keep seeing pop up in store visits. I don't want you guys to be left out of the mold deals but I want to make sure you also aren't getting them 2 months down the road lol. 

I want to be SUPER transparent with shipping times as a lot of e-commerce sites selling similar products are not. The average time for an item I BELIEVE will be 2-3 weeks BUT I encourage you to give me any feed back on the items that take longer OR shorter than that so I can properly label every single thing so that your fellow countrypersons know what to expect!

I have been selecting items that have shorter ship times specifically to your country but some of the goodies are going to take longer until I find a better distributor at this price point. 

If you usually pay customs fees on these types of products you will be paying them just as you normally do. I appreciate any feedback early on in this process so if you do pay something you are not used to or something happens out of the ordinary please reach out!

 Read shipping policy if you have any questions!

Shipping may come without tracking #s for awhile. I am still testing to see if I can provide this internationally and will not know until I get started :)


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